Hey, my golf game has really improved now that I'm always in the "Zone"!

Robert B.
Starbuck, MN

Premium 4-Seater : Auctioned off at Beach Ball 2010 by one of our customers.

Sold for $12,500

A Great Father's Day arrival... Now we have 2 happy wives and alot of excited children!

Thanks Drive Electric!

The Warren Family
Newton Grove, N.C.


I just received my new electric car and I am very happy to say it was more than I expected. 
The color is perfect, it rides like a dream and I am extremely pleased with how Drive Electric
kept in touch with me regarding the progress of my order.

Everyone should have gotten one of these! 

Thanks, Drive Electric!

- David W
Unionville, MO



Another happy customer   :)

- Jim J
Memphis, TN


Thanks Drive Electric for our 6 seat premium in fire engine Red! We donated it to our kids school for the annual Auction.
The principal drives it down to the carpool loop every day. There is already a lot of buzz about the N.E.V. at school.
We hope this will bring much needed funds to our school.

Thanks again!

- The Bell Family
Pleasanton, CA

We received the car last Friday as promised.  Everything looks great!  A job well done on your part.

- Barry S.
Gold Canyon, AZ

Dear Drive Electric team,

The vehicle arrived and it is terrific. I am totally happy with the transaction.

Many thanks,

Andy P
Lebanon, NJ


My golf car arrived yesterday.  Wayne (driver) was perfect. 
Called ahead twice to make sure he knew how to find the best unloading area
and to confirm exact time.  He was very helpful in getting all set up and make sure
I was off and rolling well.  Thanks for choosing a very professional driver.

- David G
Savannah, GA


We are enjoying it greatly & use it daily.

- Charlotte D. & Family
Elizabeth City, NC

He really does love riding in it.  Not a day goes by that we don't have to take him for a spin. The other neighborhood dogs appear a bit jealous when they're walking down the street and Moose goes whizzing by, with his tongue flapping in the wind.  Maybe he's not getting as much exercise, but he's having way more fun!

Thanks for making this possible!


- Moose D.
Egg Harbor, NJ

We are enjoying your great cars!  Here is a picture of the 5 you delivered to Lookout Mountain.  It has been a blast visiting neighbors and friends.  Thank you very much it was well worth the wait!

Can’t wait for 2010 version!

- Joseph & Family
Chattanooga, TN

Colin, thanks for your vision in putting this program together. Jan and I love our car. It exceeded our expectations.
The quality is excellent. Drive Electric's staff is always friendly and very responsive. Pattie was great to work with
on accessories. Your accessories are very competitive when you consider price, installation and delivery.
Cochelle kept us up to date with information and Matthew was unbelievably quick in resolving the
one small issue we had after delivery. We now own the best looking car in the neighborhood

- Bob & Jan

We were SO excited to have our new “ZONE electric car” delivered today!!
Very nice car and quality is way beyond what we expected.
We love the fire engine red and can’t wait to put a Georgia Bulldog decal on it!
Your customer service is excellent even down to the truck line you chose to ship with.
Well worth the wait and I know all your customers will feel the same.
Thanks so much!

Donna & Jerden
Douglas, GA

I just wanted to thank all of you for delivering a great product as promised. Pattie and staff was great and very informative throughout the whole process.

Thanks again Pattie.

Bryan K.

We are just giddy over the lovely red six-seater electric car that you delivered last week!  Our family has thoroughly enjoyed using it
for trips to the store, to dinner, or down the block to visit friends - 
and all of the neighbors now want one!  

Thank you so very much - we love the car
and appreciate your excellent customer service.

Warm regards,
The Crawford Family
Lubbock, TX

Just received my 3 carts this AM.
GREAT quality carts.  Chrome wheels to boot!
Thanks libs for wasting tax payers money!


We’re so excited that Santa’s elves were able to deliver the “Family Christmas Present”. It arrived at the perfect time, Spring, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it. We just wish we would have told others about it. Thanks again.
Jason M.
Rincon, GA

I can not say enough good things about Drive Electric and our positive experience.  All my neighbors are so jealous of the deal we got with the tax credit and think that the government should bring the credit back, and if they do I will surely send them to Drive Electric!
Debby W.
Hoover, AL

To Mr. Daniel and Mr. Reilly.

Just a word of appreciation for your efforts to keep us informed
on the progress of our vehicles….it seems you're going the extra mile
and that you have a sincere desire to satisfy your customers.
 Old fashioned American personal service is rare these days,
so it's encouraging when you see a company take
special interest in its customers.

Allen C.
Baxley, GA

I have my car and love it!

Charlotte W.
Hilltop Lakes, TX

Thank you for the promptness in handling this.  We are truly enjoying the car and now it is ready to be inspected and tagged.  Funny story, I sell new construction real estate and while talking to an agent last week it came up in conversation about the tax credit for LSV.  While comparing notes it turns out he has ordered the exact same cart and is waiting on delivery.  And then I find out a day later that the owner of my company has also purchased one from y'all.  Both said they were getting nervous about their purchase because delivery was taking so long but I assured them both that it is well worth the wait.  They have both been to our home to see their future cart.

Seems Drive Electric made a HUGE IMPACT with their website, information and customer service.

Thanks again for everything.

Debby W.
Hoover, AL

We are pleased with our car and your service!

Don and Bonnie
Greensboro, GA

Golf cart recieved this morning. We love it!!  Thanks for the great communication. 

- Michael M.
Birmingham, AL


...more testimonials


From the blog………
Big Bill finally got his Zone 6 passenger NEV. He had to go away to a conference and left his cart
in my care. I have thoroughly inspected it and checked it out. I believe the people who engineered
these carts were trying to make a good usable NEV. There are a lot of quality parts in these carts
like the Delta-Q charge, DC to DC converter vs. 12V reducer or pack tap, extremely high capacity
batteries, full support of the roof (at least on 6 passenger, won't know 4 passenger until it arrives),
large motor and a fairly big controller. The list is longer but you folks get the point. Where they have
issues is in assembly and delivery based on what I know about Big Bill's cart. The cart looks to have
been assembled fast. Everything worked and nothing was broken we just went over the cart tightening
and adjusting. No big deal for us, Big Bill was glad his cart was finally here! Overall I am impressed with the
way Zone carts are built and can't wait to get mine now that I have actually had the chance to play with one.

More info to come...


Your professional customer service work ethic has made it a real pleasure doing business with you.

Phyllis and Truman J.
Montgomery, AL


It was delivered 6/4 in perfect condition. Many Thanks to all for a most efficient and very nice company.
Yau'll now have a happy customer in Atlanta.

Harry C.
Atlanta, GA


I know you guys get your fill of complaints but I would like to commend you on making a nice product.
The carts run faster than I imaged, the stereos were better than I thought they'd be and
the interior dash (premium) was very well done.  Nice job.

Monte T.
Lincoln, NE


Golf cart arrived today. Absolutely love it!
Nicer than I even imagined.

Thanks again,

Kevin K.
Fond du Lac, WI


Thank you; my buddy got his last night 7/11! He loves his Obama cart!
Looks to me like you guys at drive electric have done a good job with this!
Stuart S.
Birmingham, AL

  You and your company have been very helpful in the coordination and communication about
the delivery of our new electric golf car. 
Best Regards,
Tony T.
Peachtree City, GA

The car is everything and more than I had anticipated. In particular please note my compliments to Zeke Martinez and to a greater extent his boss and understand one of the principals of Drive Electric, Colin Reilly, as they went out of their way to first give me their word and then keeping it in expediting the delivery of the car. In short, they turned this purchase experience, which was teetering on being just "so so," into a very pleasant and fun event….

Richard B
Valley Center, CA

The delivery went smooth, after unloading my car Mr. Vega and I did a walk-around
and he explained use of the controls and accessories. I thanked him and he was on his way.
The car is BEAUTIFUL!!! Since I had never seen any of your machines up close I didn't know what
to expect, but was pleasantly surprised.

The workmanship appears excellent and I was impressed that most of the visible assembly (seats, bed, top, windshield, etc) are bolted together rather than welded, which will make it easier to do any body modifications a person might want later on. Overall, I was very impressed with the machine.

- Dennis M
Haltom City, TX

I did receive the watering kit yesterday, thank you John for expediting this for me.   Although it was a long time coming we finally got our electric car and have had it for a week and I must say, we are really enjoying it.  I understand the overwhelming response to the sales at the end of December and I hope you are able to expedite the delivery to the rest who are awaiting delivery.  Kudos to the two men (Roberto and ?) who delivered the car – they were very friendly.

- Connie J
Tallahassee, FL


That is what I call first class warranty service! Great job DE and Matthew.


Very nice! Thanks for taking care of your peeps DE!


DE, your customer service is OUTSTANDING!!! Thank You!!! They may have had a
slow start but the DE machine is now running smoothly as far as I am concerned!!!


Excellent communication. Thanks! 


That is what I call first class warranty service! Great job DE and Matthew.


Took my seat in Monday. Picked up my seat up this morning. Fixed at no charge.
DE is paying shop directly. Kudos for the warranty repair DE.


I have had the cart for a few months now and have no complaints.
I know probably 50 other owners that all have their carts and have no complaints.


I only wish I could sell my POS EZGO now.


You have been super and deserve the People's award for meritorious service. Thanks


Just received my new golf cart and wanted to thank you
for a great experience in the ordering and shipping of the cart.
Also, they quality of the machine appears to be excellent.  Very happy.


We have had a blast on ours and can't wait to test it out at the campground.
Just today my daughter harassed me into taking her to school in the
Zone this morning. We cruise around at night too... kids love it!


I have been driving my Z-car to work most every day, as well to many
of my projects and meetings. I live in a small town (35,000 population,
college town in East Texas) and most of the roads are 35 mph or less.
I have mostly 20 mph and 30 mph streets for the 5 miles to my office.


Love the cart.  It is like being on parade every day.  My wife hates that :)


I mean, these things are too cool no matter what color you get. :thumbsup:


It had a 75% charge so we drove it for 15 miles today and have no complaints.
My baby is resting in the garage and is nursing a big bottle of electric.


Woot!!!! I hope that's my cart!! yipeee!!!! Thanks for the news, DE!!!


So I registered my car and got a vanity plate. I wanted something that fit what
the Government program was about... We ended up getting the following plate in Florida:


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