Warning- Electrical Cord Fires
Zone Electric Car NEV Owners

Zone Electric Car, LLC advises its clients to use only the electrical extension cord provided with their vehicle or purchased through Drive Electric.  If owners choose to purchase extension cords, the cords must be 10 gauge or less (thicker), not exceeding 15 feet in length.  Owners should only use electrical cords UL rated minimum 25 amp continuous use.

CAUTION: Use of improper extension cords can cause dangerous electrical fires.

Contact Drive Electric, LLC at (520) 209-1669 if you have any questions or concerns.

1.  How does Drive Electric handle warranty issues?

a. All parts are covered in your 1 year warranty.
(Batteries, Controllers & Battery Chargers covered by "specific manufacturer's" warranty)
b. Warranty starts the day you receive your car.
c. Labor is not covered under warranty.
d. Cost of shipping parts is not covered under warranty.
e. Transportation costs of cars to service areas are not covered under warranty.
f. Vehicles must be taken to a repair shop for diagnosis of the problem. If parts are required, the repair shop contacts us at 520-209-1669.

For all other questions, please refer to the terms and conditions.

2. Refund Policy for Parts and Accessories
a. All sales are final after 30 days.
b. All refunds are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
c. Shipping is paid by customer for all returned parts and accessories.

3. Where can I find the shipping rates per vehicle?
Please call us for rates.

4. Information on battery leakage causes.

Click here for battery information.


5. I stored my car over the winter and did not plug in and now my batteries are not working they’re totally dead. What can I do?
I'm very sorry to hear about your car not functioning. I do have a solution for the dead battery pack though. I have attached what is called the jump start procedure. during any prolonged storage or down time, the battery voltage will eventually dissipate below the chargers internal cutoff. All we need to do is get the static voltage up to 40v. I would recommend you print this off and take it to the car for a visual aid. If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to call.

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